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In Everything on electronic day to day we strived to offer You a major and better information; therefore we offer two forms to maintain to him to us in contact.

First of them he is registering himself in the page, in this way You will receive periodically information about the changes that take place in the same, such as the aggregate of new sections and also the option to ask for new subjects to try, which will be added with the course of the time.

Second he is through a mail list, where the most interesting subjects of the present electronics struggle, as thus also consultations can be done simply on the doubts that we have or to share our knowledge with the members of the list.

We hope that these are very useful for You since they have been created with this intention.

To subscribe itself to them is very easy, is only necessary to do click in the corresponding connections, to fill in a small form and ready, You will be in contact with the enemy as much with the creators of the page like with other people to which the electronics gets passionate to him and wish to share his knowledge and consultations.


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