In this section you will be able to find diverse useful courses for the electronic one. All the courses are completely gratuitous, at no moment will request money nor no extra collaboration to be able to continue them. The same will be sent via mail, to obtain the first chapter does click in the corresponding connection.

Each chapter will include a section of proposed exercises in the end to strengthen the knowledge acquired during the same. The resolution of these exercises is obligatory to be able to obtain the following chapters, debiéndo to send its resolution via mail to the direction that appears in the page of unloading of the first chapter of the course. It is not obligatory that they are all the exercises good since the intention is not to evaluate the knowledge but the one to realize a pursuit of the performance of the cursantes. In case some exercise is bad will be sent the correct resolution along with the date of delivery of the following chapter.

All the chapters of the courses are in format pdf reason why you must have installed in your computer the program Acrobat Reader®, if you do not have beam click in the image for descargártelo: Get Acrobat Reader

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