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The electronics with the course of the time has catched to many followers to this science who in their eagerness to investigate and to progress in the development of the diverse techniques have turned to this specialty into an exciting and simultaneously atrapante discipline.

The objective of this page is to reunite to the lovers of the electronics and to continue with the development of experiments, for which we propose, like departure point, , diverse practical assemblies so that the designer can be experimenting.

As the electronics does not pause, the page is in constant development, with the aggregate of new sections and new assemblies practical to be able to experiment with the advances of the technology.

“The policy of the designers of this page is not to publish anything that has before not been proven and corroborated in our factory, by that reason, in case of especially not being published an article on a subject do not doubt in requesting me it to the mail that appears down since it can exist in our data base but not be published by still not to be tried”.

This page is throws by and for you, the navigators, without its participation Everything on Electronics would not be right to be for that reason it is that we are thankful for the inmumerables consultations and commentaries to them because all of them helps us to grow and to make an effort day to us to day to improve, jeopardizing to us to follow our effort to give a better service to the lovers of the electronics.



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